Week #8 Publication Call – Regaining Perspective

By Theresa Calderini on June 26th, 2012 »

I lost perspective…….

A busy schedule, lots of deadlines, family needs, it all crept in and took over my time, I quietly justified my need to step away from my daily quiet time with God and fellowship with other Christians. I had obligations that had to be fulfilled, and I couldn’t let others down could I?

That’s when I lost perspective…..until, I received this weeks Publication Call picture from our photographer Stephen Bivens. I opened the file and sat quietly, waiting for the image to speak to me, to tell me what our direction would be for this weeks section of our book.

I drew a blank……my mojo was absent…..I was uninspired…..or, was I?

The Cross in the picture…..what was it trying to tell me? What message was this old church image trying to share? Why couldn’t I understand or hear it?

I went to my craft room, a deep sadness came over me as I glanced over my workspace and all my crafting tool. It was as if I had entered into someone else’s space, I felt like an intruder here. I had lost something and without it, I couldn’t seem to draw inspiration to create and it scared me.

So, I stepped away for a few days. I wondered my home, thinking and praying, looking for a return to my inspired life. I kept opening the picture from Stephen, looking it over and wondering where its inspiration for me was.

Then it hit me…..I had lost perspective and with it, I lost my inspiration to create. Tears filled my eyes when I realized that I had stepped away from my time with God and replaced it with things I deemed as more important. I had stepped away from fellowship with other Christians, the church had one less member in attendance over the past few weeks because I was too busy taking care of more important things.

My eyes opened as I dropped to my knees asking my heavenly Father for forgiveness. I prayed to see the way back to Him, back to the place that provided me all that I needed, I released all my words at His feet and realized that although I had stepped away, He never had.

I’ve gained perspective and have learned a valuable lesson. God is center is everything else is just that…..everything else. My drought was temporary although it didn’t have to be a drought in the first place if I hadn’t lost perspective. My God is forgiving and loving and He cares very deeply for me, just as He cares for you.

Have you lost perspective? I pray that by joining in on this weeks Publication Call, you’ll gain new insight into what your priorities are and you’ll recognize that God is ever present, waiting for you to step back to Him!

Here are the rules for this weeks Publication Call:

  • This week, we’re looking for submissions for cards which contain a spiritual or encouraging sentiment.
  • This can be a card that you have displayed on your blog over the past 6 months or, is a new creation.

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  • The card submitted should be your own work and can not be submitted/published with any other book / magazine (this includes online book / magazine publications).
  • You have until Thursday, July 5th to submit your entries for this Publication Call!! Final round winners will be notified!
  • Entries submitted for this weeks Publication Call will be entered into our drawing for a Cricut Expressions 2!! (Click the clink to learn about this Giveaway!)


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  1. Duane Scott says:

    What fun! I would love to submit a card. 🙂

    I’ll have to think about it. 😉

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