About Us

Parables are defined as “earthly stories with heavenly meanings.” In the Bible, Jesus frequently used parables as a way of illustrating divine truths as this form of illustration could be easily understood (to those who were not spiritually blind) and remembered.  Simply put, the parables spoken by Jesus were a blessing to those who had willing ears.

Paper crafting is defined as the collection of art forms employing paper or card as the primary artistic medium for the creation of three-dimensional objects. Add to this medium various other elements such as ribbon, embellishments, inks and sentiments, and you begin to understand and appreciate why the paper crafting world is so large and varied!

Entwine these and you arrive at the vision for this blog! “Parables of a Crafter” was created as a means for artistic and written expressions to be married and used to reach, teach and touch others through art and word.

Theresa Calderini is the Founder of “Parables of a Crafter”. Her love of paper crafting and writing stirred a passion within her to bring the two things she enjoys most together in a way that would bring both blessing and pleasure to others. Theresa has been crafting and writing as far back as she can remember and has a desire to help others recognize the importance of using the gifts and talents within themselves.

Along with this blog, Theresa is developing an interactive, crafting inspirational book with a goal of publication in 2013! She is a Senior Designer / Digi Diva with the Perfect Sentiment.  Theresa resides in Valrico, Florida with her husband Mark and 18 year old daughter.

We welcome you and pray you’ll find enjoyment and inspiration within this blog! Sit down, relax, read, comment and also participate……We want to see your creations for “Parables of a Crafter”!