Changing Lives and Hearts

By Theresa Calderini on October 8th, 2013 »

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your Heart”  Psalm 37:4


I have no doubt that God places people in our lives and in our path at different times for a purpose. I’ve experienced this, heard the stories of others who have seen this happen time and time again and just know it’s God at work.

Today was another one of those opportunities for me…..

I was at Moffitt Cancer Center, a followup appointment for MRI’s and a trip down the hall to see the doctor. I’ve moved to “regular attender” in the neuro clinic, lots of “good to see you again”, and “welcome back”, along with several hugs. They’ve got the personal touch down to a science!

While waiting for my MRI I glanced to my right and lo and behold there sits a special lady I use to see at Bible study and church. Although we’ve moved to a different church, I still have the opportunity to follow her on Facebook, she sends out updates regarding her health, she’s always so cheerful in her words, always giving God the glory for her healing and praising Him when she’s having to walk through yet another difficult experience. I’ve watched her from a distance and often wondered where her strength and joy came from, then I remember she’s a strong Christian lady, her faith is in God and it is demonstrated through her words and her walk for sure.


We swap pleasantries, asking each other how things are progressing. We both agreed that it seems that we get one thing fixed only to have another one surface…..although we make light of this, I know that my saying holds a bit of frustration with it. You just want to “be well” ya know?

We go our separate ways, her to her next appointment and me to visit the doctor to review the test results.

My doctor is pleased (finally! lol!) I’m healing well, still have a ways to go with physical therapy but I’m headed in the right direction. All metal and screws in my lower back are strong, (I’m near bionic!) pain is reduced significantly and things are looking up. I’ve got some upper back issues but for now, we’re going to focus on therapy and talk about those things some time in the future.

Finally……Good news and I am pleased!

I come home, sit to relax for a few minutes and bring up facebook on my phone to see what’s going on in others lives and I spot a message from this special lady that I bumped into in the waiting room.

She has cancer…..again.

My eyes froze on her message, tears slipped down my cheeks, I felt my heart become heavy.

Then I read the rest of her message. She was choosing to praise God and trust in Him and is patiently waiting on His plan to unfold one piece at a time. She went on the remind everyone that God is changing lives and hearts.


The news she received would darken the day of most but she is chosing to Praise God and trust Him. Knowing just a bit about her walk with Christ, I believe her words, and because of her testimony of life, so many hearts will be touched and changed. God IS changing lives and hearts and He’s using people like her to do it.

I had another blog post set up for this card, it fell by the wayside after this mornings experience.

I’m starting to better understand the power of this Bible verse now. I’m thanking God for placing this beautiful lady in my path this morning to help me recognize what the words really mean.

In case she reads this…..Thank you…..thank you for being such a strong woman, for demonstrating your faith, even in the most difficult of times. So many are blessed and encouraged by your daily walk, and I know many are intentionally praying for your situation. You are beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of Christ, I stand with you in praise of a God who is changing lives and hearts!! This card is for you!

Until next time.





Stamps: Verve Sentiment
Paper: Red card stock, Cream card stock, Black Card Stock, Red rhinestones, Dimensional dots, Silk Red Ribbon, Bow Maker 5000
Accessories: Spellbinders Botanical Swirls and Accents, Spellbinders Opulent Ovals
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7 Responses

  1. Trisha D says:

    Today was God’s timing and it is evident in your post. Thank you for being obedient in your posts, God is using you through your blog to bring stories of encouragement, hope and joy to others. Just as you said He is working through this lady, He is also working through you.

  2. Johnna says:

    Proverbs 3:5&6 says
    5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
    6 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

    Sounds like today He ordered your paths to cross for a reason. And the card is beautiful.

    • Oh Johnna, he certainly planned for us to see each other today and I’m so thankful for that! Even in brief meetings, there is great opportunity for God to do His mighty work!!
      See you soon dear friend!

  3. Saw your gorgeous card on Splitcoaststampers and wanted to check out your blog post. I’m so glad I did as I found encouragement through your friend’s story as I battle my own cancer while keeping my faith in God that Thank you for shring

  4. Oops. Fingers hit submit button before I wanted them to. To finish my sentence, …keeping my faith in God that He is bigger than anything and is with me at all times. He is a good and loving God. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

    • Charlene, I am so glad you left a comment on my blog and that the post / story gave you encouragement. I’m so sorry to hear that you also are battling cancer, I cannot even imagine what you go through each and every day by as I was told today, we all need continue in our faith, remembering that God is truly faithful and He is the great healer! I am going to add you to my prayer list, I hope that you find the strength you need to walk through each day and have many opportunities to find the joy and encouragement that you need.

      I know that others will read your comment and pray as well! Keep strong and God’s blessings to you!!

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