Elegant is as Elegant Does

By Theresa Calderini on February 20th, 2013 »


I am deeply mesmerized by the power of black and white when used together in something I create!

I began this morning with no idea as to what I would create. All I knew was that I was going to pull down one of the cigar boxes I picked up recently and somehow incorporate it into my project. I sunk into a chair, gather paper samples, mixing and matching things for quite some time, but nothing was creating an “ah ha” moment for me, so I decided to stop and step away for a while. I went for a walk as this always helps me to refocus…..breathe in….breathe out….don’t forget to walk……lol!


Out of nowhere, I remembered a statement from Mr. Bivens which has come to me quite frequently as of late. “When you remove the color, people are forced to look at the detail”. Wise words from a man who photographs some pretty incredible things in black and white! I returned home, pulled out my black and white cards stock, cranked up the music (Kare Jobe was today’s choice), and began from the beginning….again.

I’m really drawn to white flowers on a black background! The pearl drops on the front of the card and box add a special touch of elegance to these and with the double bows (created on the Bow Maker 5000 of course!) it all started coming together and created a beautiful finished product!


This card measures 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and has its own gift box to accommodate the depth of the flowers. I can see this being given as a gift to someone celebrating an anniversary, a wedding, a birthday, a graduation…..so many possibilities! I chose to leave the card blank on the inside…..I truly believe that a note that is handwritten by someone is a lot more meaningful and special than words that are pre-printed! The Keepsake box is good size and will be the perfect place for keeping precious items for years to come!

I’ve got a few more of these boxes left…..maybe another black and white set…..maybe something new…..time will tell!

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