Daily Sparkles

Write a Poem…..It Does A Body Good!!

Do you ever get into those mush mush moods and can't seem to express it? (yes, I call them mush mush!!) Give this a try.....grab a little notebook to jot down some thoughts about how you're feeling (you should be carrying a little jot pad with you at all times!!! You're creative side deserves this!) Write down words that describe how you feel, words that describe the person you're having the mush mush about whenever Read more

Get Over The Fear And Give It A Try!

How many times in the past month have you walked away from trying something new because you were afraid you wouldn't be able to do it? Don't we tell our kids all the time to try new things and not be afraid of making mistakes or even failing at something as long as they learn something from it? In crafting, you have to be willing to try new things or you won't be able to Read more

“Do You Really Care How I Am?”

Think about days gone by when someone, in passing, caught your eye and you said to them, "Hi, how are you?" Ever do that? Do you ever stick around long enough for the answer? When asked this question, do you give the typical, "sorry I don't have time for pleasantries here so I'll just say "Good" or "Fine" and go on my merry way?" Do we not care enough to really ask this question and Read more

“What’s Your Quote?”

Hi everyone! I shared with you earlier this week on my card creations page the card I designed for my niece Vali's graduation. On the front of the card is a quote she has adopted as her own and it's says: "Don't tell me the sky's the limit, when there are footprints on the moon." - Anonymous Doesn't that just get ya where it counts? What's amazing is that she's just going on 18 and Read more

“Share Some Of That Love!”

Good morning everyone!! If you're up as early as me, you understand the greatness of morning serenity right?? Cup of coffee, sun just coming up, you and your thoughts ready to conquer the day.....it's all good right? Today's sparkle is quite simple for you. Hug someone today!!! I mean really, when was the last time you went up to someone that was totally unsuspecting and wrapped your arms around them to share some love? Not Read more

“Have I Told You Lately That I Love You??”

Mother's Day is coming!!! Start planning now, what are you going to do special for your Mother this year to express your love and appreciation for all she's done in your life? I'm very blessed with two mothers (no medical phenomena here I promise!!) I my Mom who conceived me and my step-mom that was very involved with raising me (again Rachel, I hope you have recovered from this! hehe) Mother's day is so important Read more

“Don’t Get Mad, Get Glad!!”

I'm horrible for remembering which company went with which advertisement these days! Was it hefty or husky or glad?? I'd not be one chosen for marketing that's for sure!! Do you remember the advertisement for a popular trash bag company? (ok, so I just remember this only because I was thinking ahead to right....duh!!!) GLAD!!!! "Don't get mad, get glad!!!" I know they probably never dreamed of their brand getting up on a womens blog Read more

Monday’s Sparkle: “Random Acts of kindness”

Good morning everyone!  It's sparkle time! Have you ever had one of those days that you woke up in a most excellent mood and knew you wanted to carry this feeling throughout your entire day? We'll I'm in one at it's only 6:00AM!! The challenge is, can I keep it going and also pass it along to others? One thing I've learned in crafting is that it's an acronym rich environment but in the same Read more

“Thursday Sparkle”

Good morning! Here's another sparkle idea for you to get those creative writing juices flowing! Grab a paper and pen (I really recommend a journal if you can. I have a  friend at work that gave me one recently and I love it!! Thanks Pat!) Go out into your back yard (Or whatever yard or porch you have access to), look into the sky, close your eyes, (deep breathe) and just listen for a minimum Read more

Wednesday’s Sparkle!

Good morning everyone! I wanted to leave a message regarding my "Sparkles" as I mentioned them before and I've had a few questions about them. Some call them words of wisdom, others call them posts I guess. I like refer to my random thoughts as "Sparkles." Ever had a deep thought or a motivating moment and not sure where it came from or why it just appeared at a certain time? For me, these happen Read more