Family Highlights

A winter box with cards gift set

Have you ever had that person who was difficult to buy gifts for? (Even if they tell you there not!) I think we all run into this from time to time....I have that challenge with my sister. She should be easy to buy for but alas, every time I have an opportunity to give her a gift, my mind goes blank on ideas! Except for this last time...... We're getting older....when that happens, many of us welcome gifts that are handmade especially for us in mind. The "extra special" thought that goes into a handmade gift just warms the heart. Even better than that feeling is a handmade gift, especially for us that also serves a purpose! Yay! I love those kinds of gifts! I've been in FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

The Payment for Being a Mom is “Pure Love”

"If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been."  ~Robert Brault This quote describes my "Maine Mom" exactly! I know that whatever circumstance or event I'm going through that she's aware of she's praying over me and my situation....this brings me such comfort and reminds me how special our relationship is! Maine Mom is the one that gets many of my cards which she sends out to other people needing support and encouragement. We joke that someone must be "card worthy" in order for her to send a card! lol! Actually, knowing her, there are no qualifications, if your name is pressed on her heart, she'll be sending you a card.....I love that about FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

Team in Training – Wipe out Blood Cancer

There's a first time for everything right? Today is one of those times for me.... When writing blog posts, it's often difficult to take what's in your head and relay it through the keyboard....I think we've all probably had this struggle at one time or another. I was asked to make a canvas that could be auctioned off to raise funds for the leukemia and lymphoma society, so I made one because the cause is important and because the young lady who asked me to make it is young and passionate about bringing more awareness to cancer. No way I was saying no to that! It's an important cause, one that we can all get involved with.....specifically, this young lady (Helen) and her team are FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

The Family God Plants Us Into

Have you ever wondered why God placed us into the families we belong to? Have you ever looked around at your family and thought to yourself "boy, are we different from other people..." or, "I have empathy for anyone entering into our family!" Families are a little like puzzles aren't they....each person is a part of the whole and without them, it just seems that the puzzle would never be complete. I've been blessed with an incredible family and I love everything about them. Ok, well maybe not "everything" but it's pretty darn close! lol! {They could say the same thing about me I'm sure!) The older family members are very special, they have been a part of our lives as we have grown up and share FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

“His Voice Will Go On…..”

Time really passes by quickly doesn't it? Today, as I remember the life of my son Anthony I realize a little more than usual just how quickly we journey through our lives. Things are moving so fast it seems, as we rush through each day taking care of "things" that have made their way to the top of our list. Things such as work, cleaning, paying bills, spending time with family...this list could go on quite a bit because we fill our days with all kinds of things don't we? I had the blessed opportunity the other day to sit and listen to a beautiful lady share the story of the life and death of her own son. She voiced things that resonated with me which I've pondered over the past few days. After FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

The Dad who Could……

"I think I can, I think I can".... Wally Piper's The Little Engine That Could is one of the greatest tales of motivation and the power of positive thinking ever told.   In this well-loved classic by Wally Piper, a little train carrying oodles of toys to all of the good boys and girls is confronted with a towering, seemingly impassable mountain. As nicely as they ask, the toys cannot convince the Shiny New Engine or the Big Strong Engine--far too impressed with themselves--to say anything but "I can not. I can not." It is left up to the Little Blue Engine to overcome insurmountable odds and pull the train to the other side Fast forward to adulthood.......all grown up, feeding our FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

“When God Carries You”

I'm in Maine spending a few days at the hospital with my Dad as he begins the road to recovery. My husband's Christmas gift to me was a ticket to fly home and see Dad and Mom....little did he know that it was scheduled for the exact time that I needed to get here! (That's what my husband referred to as "Divine intervention"!) I packed a few craft supplies for my trip, knowing I would Read more

Antique Bottles Sketched

At times I do a few extra "random" cards {just because I can!} for my "Maine Mom," because she likes to send out all different types of cards. I know she enjoys the ones that can be used for any occasion which is why I make ones such as this. I picked up this stamp at the local crafting store and when I saw the etching detail on it, I knew it had to be stamped on watercolor paper and then distressed! I have an aunt that ran an antique store at one time and I remember on multiple occasions venturing through her store to look at all the unique items she had on display. Her store was in a little country store in Maine and her style was very vintage, antique and I fell in love with it! I always FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

“Family Collage……In 3d!”

I've ventured outside of my crafting box in an effort to learn new techniques and to use elements which I may not work with on a regular basis. I've had these canvases sitting in my studio for some time, begging me to put them to use, so I took the plunge! I began with a canvas which is about 11' x 17". I got out several colors of distressing in and began to blend them Read more

Squared Together With Love….For Suzi

Do you have one of those people in your family who are next to impossible to get a birthday gift for? It's not about them having all they need; rather, it's more about them just being a tough person to pick out gifts for.     My sister-in-law Suzi is one of those people. Sure, she's interested in a lot of things, she's got many interests, but when it comes time to decide on a gift to Read more