Poetry…My Way

“My Miracle”

Granting little miracles Is just God's way to say He loves and thinks about us Every hour of every day So if there ever comes a time You think this isn't true Just glance upon a miracle God's miracle..... "That's you" Theresa Marie Calderini FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

For Those Who have Love…..

For those who have love,They will have a feeling of peaceAnd tranquility in their hearts.They will not fear love,Yet cherish its intensity.They will not run from love, Yet embrace it freely.They will participate in feelings ofHope, desire, and endless yearsOf completenessHow does one know When they have this love?For others, I cannot speak toTheir hearts. . . .As for this one's heart,It knows love has entered . . .And love will stay Theresa Marie Calderini Read more

“Never Will I”

Never will I brush away a tear that's shed for youThey will fall and be a thought of dreams you made come trueNever will I cease to smile when memories come to mindI'll let the smile remind me of our precious, treasured timesTime can heal the pain inside but never can eraseThe visions of your loving, thoughtful, caring, smiling faceOne day at a time I'll take remembering the pastNever forgetting a perfect love that for Read more