I Alone Cannot Change the World

By Theresa Calderini on March 19th, 2013 »


“I Alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone to create many ripples across the waters” Mother Teresa

What a powerful quote made by such a beautiful person! I love the message this sends to us all…. not one of us has the ability to change the world (gosh….I hope you’ve figured this out!) but what we can do is become a part of the change which can be done in a variety of ways. What’s important is to get involved, become educated, be passionate and truly care about others. What a difference one person can make….combined with others who are similar in spirit, this is how change is made!


I was commissioned to create this project which was a challenge from the beginning let me tell you! It was a birthday gift for a special lady who works at a doctors office. I was told that several times a year she travels to Honduras to do humanitarian work (she’s one of those change people for sure!) It was requested that I create 2 separate canvases which could either be placed side by side, or, apart from each other. Trust me when I tell you, this sounds a whole lot easier than it actually is! I was told that she is very “natural”, she has a servant heart and oh by the way…..we have no idea what the inside of her home looks like or where she would place these!


Long story short…..it took me several weeks to create these, bit by bit I painted, stamped, decoupaged, over and over again (14 layers of paint total!) until I was able to arrive at the finished product. If you follow my stories, you know that I love to “re-purpose” things in my house on occasion, if it’s not tied down or insured, it’s up for grabs if I feel so inclined! lol! I did a little “taking” for this project, but it was well worth it!

Let me walk you through a few parts of the project:



Did I mention that there are 14 layers of paint on these? teehee! I had to paint, layer, blend, over and over to get the right effect. It’s difficult to see but there are also layers of tissue paper decoupaged on each canvas which show a map of Honduras. Although you can’t see the actual maps, the rich colors contributed to the deep blue and green on these.


The addition of the black “bling” added a wonderful layer of design to each of these without taking away from the focal points of each canvas. See the map on this corner? Look real close, it’s there!


The brown hearts are made from a house item…..I had these strands of stones / beads in the base of my hurricane lamps but no one was really enjoying them. I think they love their new home! The center medallion and chain are from a necklace I was going to make but never did (I’m just not a jeweler!)


Last week, after our mixed media class at my home, I was cleaning up and found some printed vintage tissue paper someone left behind. I incorporated it into the canvas and it fit perfectly! The brown buttons in the upper right hand corner are from a necklace I used in a previous project.


I knew I had to incorporate burlap into these as well since it’s so “natural”! The buttons fit nicely on top of the burlap and are surrounded by my hurricane “rescued” stones /beads! You’ll notice some honeycomb stamping below the burlap – I love that stamp!


When I came across this quote I knew it would be the perfect compliment to the message being sent on these canvases! Mother Teresa was certainly wise!


Well, one more project done and delivered! I enjoyed creating these and hope that the recipient enjoys them as well!

We all need to remember……become part of the change and certainly model the image of change you desire to see in the world!



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  1. Maggie S. says:

    So gorgeous! Your work is absolutely breathtaking. I love all the attention to details that you give to your projects. What a fortunate woman to have such a friend to give these to her and what a talented artist.

  2. Karen Conner says:


    I love doing mixed media myself. I love encorporating scripture or words of wisdom as well.

    thanks for sharing-it’s really wonderful!

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