Wine a bit…you’ll feel better

By Theresa Calderini on February 6th, 2013 »

blue wine bottle5

I’m a quirky individual about certain things….

When I have my morning cup of coffee, I take a moment to select which coffee mug I’m going to use. I’ve got to get that special feeling inside of me when I’m choosing it, it’s just something I do.

Same goes for those times when I decide to indulge in a libation, especially a glass of wine. I look over my wine glasses, I may reach for one glass, only to be persuaded by an unseen force to another. If the glass isn’t the right choice, it messes with the experience in my book. See….I told you I was quirky! blue wine bottle2

I enjoy the enjoyment of things, meaning, if I’m going to do something, like drink a cup of coffee or tea or, enjoy a glass of wine, I am in to the experience of it. I love to wrap my hands around the base of a wine glass and feel as if I’m coddling something that is very special….I become one with my glass and its contents!

I’ve decided to take my experience to another visual level by way of the wine bottle itself. My dear friend Colleen who have moved to California left behind several boxes of new, cobalt blue wine bottles. One look under the lid and I saw creative opportunities immediately! I set about mixing up paints, selecting complimentary papers, ribbons, twines and other embellishments and off to work I went!

I just knew I wanted something with pinks, reds and a deep blue…..these are all some of my favorite colors! Once I had the bottle put together I was thinking to myself, “self….how will you know what kind of wine is actually in the bottle?” This was a good question that self blue wine bottle4offered up so I created a solution……Wine tags! A set of tags that display various types of wines, all you do is flip the tag to match the wine and you’re good to go (until that bottle is emptied of course).

I’ve got a few more ideas for additional bottles but for now, all this talk about wine has got me thirsty……

I’m thinking a Cabernet would be nice……

This bottle is up for sale in my Etsy Store, there is only one so if you feel like this one is meant for you, go over and get it!


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  1. Angel says:

    Are you able to make these for people, special order? I’d like one!!

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