Capturing Childhood Memories

By Theresa Calderini on December 1st, 2010 »

Every day presents an opportunity to create life lasting memories. Remember back to your youth, Adambook2010web to those times when special occasions or simple moments…are you able to bring back all the feelings, emotions and spoken words that were present at that special time? I've always been fascinated with how we remember certain things and forget others. This isn't about getting old (although I'll soon be able to blame my forgetfulness on that!) It's simply that there are far too many things that happen to be able to remember them all.

Our grandson is a blessing to us and we are blessed with many opportunities to create life lasting memories with him, although, at his young age, he won't remember these times. After much procrastinationAdambook2010-pageqwb I took the plunge and started a scrapbook for him. He's only just passed one year old and I'm already forgetting things which increases the urgency of capturing some of the special moments we have with him.

After a little online research and selection of the most efficient tools, I've taken the plunge! I've   gone digital – never thought I'd be one to cross over! Surprisingly, once I got the hang of the software and made a few practice pieces, I selected my photos and away I went. Since I'm home today (got the sickies….yucky!) I set the laptop up and began to build. This digi stuff is prettyAdambookweb cool!! I won't reveal how many pages got deleted because they were too far messed up to save….but from the messes came these two pages …..just for our grandson Adam.

My goal is 2 pages a week…..not too much that I become overwh elmed and apply my expert procrastination skills again…..I figure that by next year this time, I may just be caught up and ready to create pages that are up to date!

Hope you enjoy! Until next time.



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