Cards for cancer patients delivers a message of love

By Theresa Calderini on September 21st, 2015 »


It all began as a casual idea…..create handmade cards and donate them to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa Fl. Staff would have the opportunity to write a special note on the inside and give them to patients and their day would hopefully be made a little bit brighter.

Sounds simple right?

A handful of donated cards by one person in 2014 has since turned into a great labor of love with events being held quarterly and hundreds of cards being created and donated! Women (and men!) come together to assemble cards that have been designed and prepped for Cancer patients and their families. The last event, held in July clocked 200+ man hours to create and package over 400 handmade cards! They were delivered to the staff in the chemotherapy / radiation department at Moffitt for distribution to patients and families.


Once a card event is complete, another is already being planned and scheduled! There is a core team of volunteers who work hard to design and prepare all the materials needed for each event. They donate supplies, do the prep work and attend the events. No one gets paid and all cards are donated.

One might read this and ask “why do you do this? Patients and families can purchase cards themselves.”

This is true, however, this isn’t just about donated cards for cancer patients. It’s purpose goes much deeper.

Every person who volunteers for the Moffitt Project has been, in some way, impacted by cancer. Some have watched a loved one walk through treatment, some have had treatment themselves. And for others, this ugly word has taken a loved on from their lives.

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They are men and women who volunteer to design, prep and assemble the cards, with others who can often relate to their purpose in being involved. While they sit at tables, putting cards together, they create friendships while sharing their stories. Some volunteers need a safe place, such as one of these events, just to vent, cry or to be loved on. No matter what each persons story is, we all walk away knowing that we did something special, as a team for people who need to know that they are loved.

The group has been officially named “The Card Angels of Hillsborough County Florida.”

Because of The Card Angels success, we have been approached about starting up groups in other areas. We are currently working out the details and very soon, you may find groups in other areas dubbing themselves as “The Card Angels” as well!

Want to get involved? We have several ways you can reach us!

Meetup: Meetup group

Facebook: Card Angels of Hillsborough County Florida

Since everything we do is donated, we are always looking for supplies and for volunteers to help out at our events! No experience is necessary, all are welcomed to attend!

Most important…..please pray for the Card Angels and for the patients and families that will receive these cards! They are all very special and need our prayers! John 113:34 says “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another”. Help us show the love of Christ by getting involved!

Want to start a group of “Card Angels” in your area? Send me an email!:


Part of our "Core Team"!

Part of our “Core Team”!


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