2014: Daily Public Prayer Challenge

By Theresa Calderini on January 1st, 2014 »

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Happy New  Year and welcome to 2014!! Isn’t it amazing how we can leave one day and enter into another and all of a sudden everything is new? A new day, a new year, new opportunities, new goals….everything is new!

I’m not a New Years resolution person…….I am a confessed procrastinator and confessed procrastinators don’t get along with resolutions because they require a daily commitment with an end result of pass or fail. That’s too much pressure for me so I stay away from resolutions and give high fives tot hose who can make and keep them!

2014 January 1 Prayer

I do enjoy a challenge…..it’s not a resolution, rather, an opportunity to do something you’re passionate about without the stress (this is my definition!) I began thinking a few weeks ago about doing something a little different in 2014 that I would enjoy doing and something that would enrich my faith. I have spent the past year learning more about prayer and I have come to cherish the time I spend each day in conversation with my heavenly Father. I am able to look back on my past life experiences and recognize God’s place in each situation. I firmly believe that God answers prayer and He cherishes our daily quiet time together……and so do I……

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I’ve decided to challenge myself this year and am going to use social media as my accountability tool of sorts. Every day, for the next 365 days I’ll be placing a photo on my Facebook page. Each picture will be of a handwritten prayer for someone specific in my life. After I write down the pray and upload the picture, the prayer will go into my 2014 Prayer box which I made to hold all of my 2014 prayers for this challenge.

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If you think about it, praying for one person or one situation a day isn’t enough really is it? We are called to pray without ceasing…..within our hearts and minds we pray for others throughout our days. But some days, we get busy, our lives take over as priority and next thing we know we’ve gone through a day or two (or even more) and haven’t offered up a single prayer to God. We must pray…..and we must realize that prayer is so needed in our world today.

I would love for you to join me on this journey for 2014! One public prayer a day posted to a social media site! If you aren’t able to post a prayer, that’s ok…..what’s important is that we are lifting others in prayer every day.

God doesn’t need to see our posts or pictures to hear our hearts!!



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  1. jana says:

    Where would you be posting your prayers?

    • Hello Jana!! I’m going to post a picture (1 per day) of each prayer to Facebook. I think I may also use Twitter, not sure if I’ll be able to do that every day though. I may decide later on to set up something here on my blog to post them – if I can identify an easy way to accomplish that!

      If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

      • jana says:

        Thank you for the idea, I found a app for a binder and I going to keep a prayer journal on my tablet.

        Have a Blessed Day!

  2. Nancy Moorefield says:

    I have enjoyed your cards for several years, but have never taken the time to tell you that. So sorry, but I’ll do better. Actually you may be the first for which I have responded. We have so much in common – We love and serve the same Savior, we both seek to talk with our Lord daily, both have great husbands (mine made me a bow maker also), and are both involved in our local church. I’m working on a 61st anniversary card today, and plan on using ideas on a card you did using MS punch anywhere on the page I like the fantastic ideas you have regarding praying through 2014. Too bad it’s already mid May when I say your ideas, but I also seek to talk to Him daily! I’ll pray for you throughout your journey this year.

    • Nancy…..you have really touched my heart!! I am so glad you have received inspiration from my cards, please be sure to take a few pictures and possibly share what you’ve made when you can!! I’d love to see your work!

      God doesn’t look at “when” we pray, He’s just pleased when we realize that we need to and do so!

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