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By Theresa Calderini on February 10th, 2016 »


Have you ever had that person who was difficult to buy gifts for? (Even if they tell you there not!)

I think we all run into this from time to time….I have that challenge with my sister. She should be easy to buy for but alas, every time I have an opportunity to give her a gift, my mind goes blank on ideas!

Except for this last time……


We’re getting older….when that happens, many of us welcome gifts that are handmade especially for us in mind. The “extra special” thought that goes into a handmade gift just warms the heart. Even better than that feeling is a handmade gift, especially for us that also serves a purpose!

Yay! I love those kinds of gifts!

I’ve been in a season of enjoying the art of creating Prayer boxes {could you tell! lol!} My sister always asks for cards, she loves sending them out and she’s quite selective of what she sends. I decided to created her a “one of a kind” prayer / keepsake box with a set of cards. This box holds 16 handmade cards with envelopes quite comfortably. Once the cards are gone, she can use the box to keep whatever she enjoys in it or set it up on a shelf for display. She could also send me a picture of the empty box as a means to encourage me to make more cards….lol! {she would do this!}


This box has a wintery theme, various shades of blues and whites, snowflake prints on paper and white / silvery bobbles adorn it. And although it speaks of winter I think it brings a warmness with it!


I’ve been asked on previous posts about doing a video for the boxes I make and as of now I’ve not done this. Mainly because most of the boxes are one of a kind and it doesn’t make much sense to me to make a video for a box that won’t be duplicated. Hopefully in the future I will create a box that we can duplicate and thus have a need for a video!

Until next time!!


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