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Layering with a purpose

Just a quick post today to show you a few cards & tags I made recently! I started off with the tag which was used to teach other ladies at a local Scrap booking crop which raises money for missions. I do this event twice a year and each time I try to raise the bar on my creations for the ladies to do as Make-it-take-its. I always chuckle because the ladies look at what I've made and always say they wish they could be so creative and by the end of their time with me they have been creative by making it! Read more

Crafting for a Cure – Boobie Love!

It's extremely difficult for me to create something without understanding its purpose. You'll notice throughout my blog posts that along with many of my creations comes a story that is related to the creation, I do this in hopes of helping you understand that there is much more to a creation than just the physical item that is made. I'm inspired by stories, all types of stories which involve people, songs, places, pictures, if it's got a story, I'm going to want to understand it! This story took me a while to wrap my arms around because its such a tough subject. We are all aware of breast cancer and the impact it has on lives, but there is a deeper story behind the word cancer and I wanted FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

Blue and Bling Collide

It's a "butterfly, bling and blue" week for me it seems.....and I'm ok with that! I've been trying to act responsibly and use up some of the "excess" design paper I've got on hand this week, it seems that I could create forever and still have paper left over....what an excellent problem to have! The designer paper on this card is from Stampinup, I had enough left for 3 to find some more as I am in love with this paper! I decided to add a geometric layer using a Martha Stewart punch, if you measure your paper just right (for this one, it's 3 3/8" x 5") you can get a wonderful pattern to add onto your creation. I'll never grow tired of these Memory Box butterfly die FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

My Decision to Divorce the World

My decision to "divorce" the world was not an easy decision to make for me. I've been on a journey, and at each bend in the road I've struggled with what path to take, knowing that there was a right one and one that would be not so right. Let me explain how I arrived at this point... Several years ago I left the "corporate" world, desperate to identify where God was leading me on this journey called life. I returned to school to obtain a counseling degree, in my mind I believed that I was destined to work with foster children or broken women, or possibly as a death educator. All these options are unique to themselves but I had this "feeling", deep down inside of me that God was taking FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

Bursting Black and White

Hi everyone! It's's early....and I've got something new to share! I'm good with #1 & #3.... it's #2 - the "it's early" thing that I'm not sparkly about. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful and blessed to be able to walk through another day and I don't take this for granted. It's the "early" thing that rocks my smile this morning. We have a "ginormous" king size bed with a pillow top mattress.....oh yeah, this thing is the center of my sleeping universe!! It's soft and enfolds me in warmth and coziness each night that I go to bed. If one could prove that a bed loved them......I would be the one to prove it because deep down, I believe my bed does in fact have love for me. FULL STORY HERE....... Read more