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A winter box with cards gift set

Have you ever had that person who was difficult to buy gifts for? (Even if they tell you there not!) I think we all run into this from time to time....I have that challenge with my sister. She should be easy to buy for but alas, every time I have an opportunity to give her a gift, my mind goes blank on ideas! Except for this last time...... We're getting older....when that happens, many of us welcome gifts that are handmade especially for us in mind. The "extra special" thought that goes into a handmade gift just warms the heart. Even better than that feeling is a handmade gift, especially for us that also serves a purpose! Yay! I love those kinds of gifts! I've been in FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

Repurposed Jack Daniels….With Flowers!

May Arts Ribbon Spring Craft Challenge participants really brought their game with their creations! Be sure to stop over to May Arts Ribbon to see all the wonderful creations brought about by this challenge! I was provided an opportunity to participate in this challenge, although what I ended up creating wasn't my original plan! I had begun with the idea of an altered cigar box.....our grandson Adam decided to use my box as a seat and well....let's just say I had to change my idea as the cigar box didn't survive his excitement! lol! This bottle was a Jack Daniels bottle. Before you ask, No....I didn't not consume the Jack Daniels! My future son-in-law gave me the bottle and I just knew FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

I Alone Cannot Change the World

"I Alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone to create many ripples across the waters" Mother Teresa What a powerful quote made by such a beautiful person! I love the message this sends to us all.... not one of us has the ability to change the world (gosh....I hope you've figured this out!) but what we can do is become a part of the change which can be done in a variety of ways. What's important is to get involved, become educated, be passionate and truly care about others. What a difference one person can make....combined with others who are similar in spirit, this is how change is made! I was commissioned to create this project which was a challenge from the beginning FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

Team in Training – Wipe out Blood Cancer

There's a first time for everything right? Today is one of those times for me.... When writing blog posts, it's often difficult to take what's in your head and relay it through the keyboard....I think we've all probably had this struggle at one time or another. I was asked to make a canvas that could be auctioned off to raise funds for the leukemia and lymphoma society, so I made one because the cause is important and because the young lady who asked me to make it is young and passionate about bringing more awareness to cancer. No way I was saying no to that! It's an important cause, one that we can all get involved with.....specifically, this young lady (Helen) and her team are FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

“Art is life with wings”

  "Which came first....the quote or the canvas?" What began as a blank canvas, ended up as a mixed media piece that to me really speaks to the spirit of creating. It's not really about the finished piece, for me, it is about the journey one takes in order to arrive at the place that allows you to look at something and say "ok....this is what I wanted this to be". That, I believe, is the beauty of self expression and art! Lots of elements going on in this piece (would you expect otherwise? lol!) Mod podged paper and paint as the base, LOTS of additional paint and stamping, rolled paper that was inked and stamped and placed as a backdrop for the winged lady. This little winged lady FULL STORY HERE....... Read more