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Living a Life of Prayer – The Prayer Box

The idea of prayer has been heavy on my mind lately.....for quite a few months actually. I've been examining my own level of commitment to prayer, why I pray, how I pray and if I really believe in prayer. "I'll pray for you".....if I could earn a dime for every time someone has said this, right? This common "comfort phrase" has grown in popularity it seems, becoming more visible through social media, so many posts on Facebook about real life tough situations and we respond "I'll pray for you" Do we mean it? Or, is it just something we can respond with to let the person in need know we aren't ignoring them and to show the world that we're present we type these 4 little words. But FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

Gifted card box with tutorial

   Hello blogger friends. After a few months of creating cards, writing up descriptions and settling on prices, I was able to get my Etsy Shop open this week! I'm so thankful that I am able to create and share my things with others, including, this tutorial for card boxes which I hope you enjoy and use! Many of my cards are larger squared creations that have a lot of elements on them. They can't be placed in envelopes as that would smash them or make them fall apart. I was perusing other Makers blogs a few weeks back and came across a beautiful card made by Becca Feekan at Amazing Paper Grace which came with a box. I loved the design idea she had but knew I needed boxes that allowed more FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

Always Use Your Excess!!

Hi...I'm Theresa...I'm a paper addict.... Ok, I said it. Revealed to the world one of my secrets, there are those who are shaking their head saying "well no duh" because they have seen my "She Cave". I admit it, I love paper, I also love ribbon and embellishments and tools and tapes.....gosh, this may be a lot worse than I thought it was!! But on the upside.....I love to use my addictions in a manner Read more