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A winter box with cards gift set

Have you ever had that person who was difficult to buy gifts for? (Even if they tell you there not!) I think we all run into this from time to time....I have that challenge with my sister. She should be easy to buy for but alas, every time I have an opportunity to give her a gift, my mind goes blank on ideas! Except for this last time...... We're getting older....when that happens, many of us welcome gifts that are handmade especially for us in mind. The "extra special" thought that goes into a handmade gift just warms the heart. Even better than that feeling is a handmade gift, especially for us that also serves a purpose! Yay! I love those kinds of gifts! I've been in FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

Memory box & card: You’ve touched my life

"Stop procrastinating and write a blog post already" I keep telling myself! I put the task on my calendar for this morning and promised myself that I would make this a priority today! If I made New Year's resolutions, I would say mine would be to quit procrastination and stop chasing those "squirrel" distractions! I should have blogged about this a few months ago but better late then never! I am in love with altered cigar boxes that hold handmade cards! A lot of work? Why yes, yes it is! But oh, the results are well worth the effort! This memory box and card were created at the request of a sweet friend who wanted something special for her mother who was celebrating her 80th FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

Layering with a purpose

Just a quick post today to show you a few cards & tags I made recently! I started off with the tag which was used to teach other ladies at a local Scrap booking crop which raises money for missions. I do this event twice a year and each time I try to raise the bar on my creations for the ladies to do as Make-it-take-its. I always chuckle because the ladies look at what I've made and always say they wish they could be so creative and by the end of their time with me they have been creative by making it! Read more

Living He Loved Me…..Dying He Saved Me

Living He loved me, dying He saved me And buried He carried my sins far away Rising He justified freely forever One day He's coming, oh, glorious day As we walk through Holy week, I feel compelled to spend time reading the story of Jesus' life, His crucifixion on Calvary and His rising from the dead. How can I even wrap my mind around what His last days on earth were like, how can I grasp that for me, He freely chose to be nailed to a cross and to suffer the worst kind of death? Dying He Saved Me..... Would you die in order to save someone else? I believe there are some who would be willing to sacrifice their life for others if the moment called for it, but to die for an entire FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

Changing Lives and Hearts

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your Heart"  Psalm 37:4 I have no doubt that God places people in our lives and in our path at different times for a purpose. I've experienced this, heard the stories of others who have seen this happen time and time again and just know it's God at work. Today was another one of those opportunities for me..... I was at Moffitt Cancer Center, a followup appointment for MRI's and a trip down the hall to see the doctor. I've moved to "regular attender" in the neuro clinic, lots of "good to see you again", and "welcome back", along with several hugs. They've got the personal touch down to a science! While waiting for FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

Repurposed Jack Daniels….With Flowers!

May Arts Ribbon Spring Craft Challenge participants really brought their game with their creations! Be sure to stop over to May Arts Ribbon to see all the wonderful creations brought about by this challenge! I was provided an opportunity to participate in this challenge, although what I ended up creating wasn't my original plan! I had begun with the idea of an altered cigar box.....our grandson Adam decided to use my box as a seat and well....let's just say I had to change my idea as the cigar box didn't survive his excitement! lol! This bottle was a Jack Daniels bottle. Before you ask, No....I didn't not consume the Jack Daniels! My future son-in-law gave me the bottle and I just knew FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

The Payment for Being a Mom is “Pure Love”

"If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been."  ~Robert Brault This quote describes my "Maine Mom" exactly! I know that whatever circumstance or event I'm going through that she's aware of she's praying over me and my situation....this brings me such comfort and reminds me how special our relationship is! Maine Mom is the one that gets many of my cards which she sends out to other people needing support and encouragement. We joke that someone must be "card worthy" in order for her to send a card! lol! Actually, knowing her, there are no qualifications, if your name is pressed on her heart, she'll be sending you a card.....I love that about FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

I Will Walk Beside You

A few years ago I went shopping for a new pair of shoes, I wasn't searching for anything in particular, just something unique and special that I could wear with multiple outfits. I came across a pair of crocheted black shoes and fell in love with them. I loved them even more when I saw they came in other colors so I bought 3 pairs of the same shoe, in black, red and grey! Instead of wearing just one pair, I had the opportunity to wear all 3 pairs with many outfits.....oh, they were such comfortable, beautiful shoes! I created this card in pink which will be one of my "Cancer Cards" for this weeks Crafting for a Cure arts and crafts festival in Tampa. I loved the simplicity and elegance FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

Working Around the Inspiration Block

We've all been there (haven't we?)..... We step into our studio with the intent of being creative and nothing happens! We try and try to create, to make the next work of art and.....nothing! Whether you create for a living or, just create to create, running into a "block" can really be frustrating can't it? I've had those days.....often they run in a row and I can't seem to get beyond them. I was talking to a fellow artist one day and this subject came up so I asked the question of her "what do you do on days you are blocked?" She acknowledged having times with little to no inspiration but said she learned a long time ago that even though she is unable to create something new, FULL STORY HERE....... Read more

Strength Hope Faith – Finding A Cure

Good morning everyone and welcome back for another post supporting breast cancer and finding a cure! I was browsing the internet and came across a similar layout which I just fell in love with! Notice the image on these two creations? Yes! It's the same image that was used in my previous post which you can read about here. (The image, created by Krista Smith, Saturated Canary LLC is called “Boobie Love”) Since this is a digital image, I was able to resize it and make her bigger with focus on her upper body. I'll be honest in telling you that coloring her with Copics was much easier with the image larger because there are several areas with tight spaces (I was never one to be FULL STORY HERE....... Read more