“Art is life with wings”

By Theresa Calderini on February 8th, 2013 »

 mixed media class

“Which came first….the quote or the canvas?”

What began as a blank canvas, ended up as a mixed media piece that to me really speaks to the spirit of creating. It’s not really about the finished piece, for me, it is about the journey one takes in order to arrive at the place that allows you to look at something and say “ok….this is what I wanted this to be”. That, I believe, is the beauty of self expression and art!

mixed media photo4

Lots of elements going on in this piece (would you expect otherwise? lol!) Mod podged paper and paint as the base, LOTS of additional paint and stamping, rolled paper that was inked and stamped and placed as a backdrop for the winged lady.

This little winged lady is made up from 7 stamps! I purchased them from a company called Teesha Moore and I knew I was going to love using them! I created wing lady (that’s her official name! lol!) using different stamps that when put together make up the person that I, in a way, envision myself as being. It’s not about a perfect body, it’s about how I see have, how God created me. I’m created unique and wonderful, totally different from any other human being……I love that about me! He’s always been there and always will be there.

mixed media photo2

There’s peace in this thought for me…..I hope you have the same peace!


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