Elegant Birthday Wishes

By Theresa Calderini on September 11th, 2013 »


Here we are again, I’m really trying to tighten up my timeframe for posting, hopefully in time I’ll be back to semi-weekly posts but for now, here’s a new one!

I’m 2 1/2 months out from surgery and I’m making progress each and every day. There are limitations that I’ll have to accept but those seem so insignificant when I count my blessings thus far! After spending a great deal of time in the hospital before and after surgery, I’ve had the opportunity to see many others, young and old, who are experiencing challenges far worse than mine. I often lift up those in the hospital in prayer, I may not know them or what they’re going through but I can certainly pray on their behalf…..we all can!

How exciting to know that we serve a God who has no closed doors and welcomes all who come to Him in prayer……the thought of it gives me the chill bumps for sure!


So…….I’m suppose to be “ramping” up my card creations again, taking baby steps, not allowing myself to become disappointed if I don’t have the energy or inspiration to create. So I set about to create my first card since surgery and what do I do?? Up and over the top…..I really tried to go simple but once I got into “the zone” the creative side of my cranium took off!!!

I am in love with this card!! It took me about 4 hours to create and was worth every minute of it! I got in a shipment of new Spellbinders Dies a few weeks ago (that’s what happens when you’re recuperating and you have access to Amazon! lol!) They are all so intricate and beautiful, I am going to get a lot of use out of these puppies for sure!! If I could have found a way to use them all on one card, you can be sure that I would have done it!

layeredbirthday5This card measures 5 3/4″ x 5 3/4″. I built up the card base using several layers of card stock in complimenting colors. On the top section of paper (which are popped up for dimension) I placed a sage green oval using Spellbinders Filigree Delight, it’s difficult to see this layer but up close it adds a wonderful dimension. I then cut the Spellbinders Gilded Gate 2 and laid it on it’s side so the gate tops are on each side of the card. I wanted a bit more “wow” at the top of the card so I cut a second Gilded Gate 2 and just used the top of the gate and laid it just below the top Gilded Gate 2. I then took my May Arts ribbon left over from a previous project (You don’t EVER waste May Arts ribbon!!) I stamped the floral image from Flourishes Botanical Bookplates, colored it with Copics and popped this up a bit on top of the band of ribbon. The sentiment is stamped on an oval from the Spellbinders Radiant Rectangles set. I placed several pearl drops around the card just to pretty it up a bit!


Phew……you’d think this would be enough right? I’ve got a thing about “dead spaces” I guess…..it needed more pizzazz!! I added three white mulberry flowers at the base of the bow using hot glue. Off to the left side there is a bit of white toole, a few white feathers and some white string pearls.  And the final addition….a beautiful corsage pins with several beads (I took it from a spool of lace I bought from a friend!)

Once the card was created, I of course had to create a gift box to protect it. Its a bit heavy but we can excuse the weight if it’s full of beauty right? Right!

I’m aware of a few wonderful ladies celebrating birthdays this month and am sure I’ll be using this card for one of them!

Time to go rest the back and begin thinking about the next card to create…..I have to put all these Spellbinders to use!!

Until Next time!


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  1. Blake says:

    Theresa, this card is well worth the time invested; it is gorgeous! The Lord gave you some downtime, so you could get back to creating the beautiful cards/sentiments that glorify Him and bring joy to those who need some encouragement and blessings in their lives. Nice job, Theresa!
    Much love to you, Dad and Mom 🙂

  2. Dad Blake says:

    Theresa, Good to see that the operation didn’t mess up your creative side. Don’t overdo it. You’re not all recovered yet. It’s nice that you have something to take up your spare time so you don’t get bored. May God bless you and use what you create to bless others. Love you, Dad

  3. Poundscm says:

    Stunning! You’ve done it again Theresa! I have an idea and an order 🙂

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