Welcome to the Crafting Bug official website.

We are so glad you’ve joined us!

If you scanned a QR code from the Crafting Bug package, you’re here to learn more about the Crafting Bug which excites us greatly!  So……you’re asking yourself….. “What’s all the hoopla about this Crafting Bug pin? I’m so glad you asked!

The Crafting Bug was created as a collectible item for those who love enamel pins and have a creative hobby that is shared by many. Our first launch of the Crafting Bug includes five different collectible pins.

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The first five hobbies that support these pins are as follows:

Card Maker




Mixed Media

We are anticipating future releases of new pin colors and categories. If you’d like to see a specific hobby included in our Crafting Bug line of enamel pins, please contact us! If we decide to choose the hobby you submitted, you’ll receive a free pin with a few other goodies!

Why the Crafting Bug?

It’s a simple answer actually. The Crafting Bug was created as a means for encouraging other creatives and having the opportunity to display your hobby to other creatives around you! Have more than one hobby under your belt? Then collect your pins and wear them proudly! There is an “obligation” if you have purchased or received a Crafting Bug pin……Create it Forward!! Be a positive role model for other creatives by encouraging their journey, support them if you are able to by telling others about them and purchasing for yourself. Let other creatives know that their work is important and greatly needed! Be a Crafting Bug “ambassador” and share your own creative journey with others!

The most important role of a Crafting Bug ambassador is to discover opportunities to share your work with the world around you! We need creatives among us which makes you very valuable!! Your work matters to so many!!


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Our very first charity we will be promoting and supporting is “Military Missions, Inc.! Every year, Military Missions, Inc. sends thousands of care packages to soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guardsman deployed overseas. 

Congratulations on the purchase of your Crafting Bug! Please check back later to read more about the Crafting Bug and its mission! You’ll also get to meet the creators of the Crafting Bug and hear how they are using this enamel pin along with the website and social media to bring encouragement and support to creatives around the world!!

Now go spread your wings and create!!